Shodoshima Olive Youth Hostel

Welcome to amazing island!!

About Shodoshima and hostel

Shodoshima is a remote island floating in the Seto Inland Sea.

400 years ago,Shodoshima prospered as a shipping industry, and has carved out a history as an island that produces foods such as soy sauce prepared in wooden barrels, hand-stretched somen noodles, olives, and tsukudani, as well as high-quality stones.

And we recommend Shodoshima as a place where you can go climbing and marine activities.
Climbing in particular has been developing new routes in recent years,and Shodosima Olive Youth Hostel offer discounts for climbers. 

Guests from all over the world visit the island as a destination to experience its scenic environment and diverse industries and climibing activities.

Shodoshima Olive Youth Hostel is a public inn/guesthouse facing Uchinomi Bay in central Shodoshima.
We are part of the Hostelling International network, which operates non-profit hostels in 80 countries around the world.

The current inn was closed in 2006 and underwent a revitalization project, and is still in operation today.
The revived hostel is a place to stay when visiting the island for solo travelers, families, and groups.
Sea and mountain activities such as training camps, climbing and SUP
It is used by many people as a base during the Shodoshima 88-site pilgrimage.

Shodoshima Olive Youth Hostel provide a cosy and reasonable stay in the Shodoshima island for you. 


Direct reservation request form  Click here!! 

We reply within two days at latest.
Please call though it transmits again sorry to trouble you, but when there is no reply.



We have dormitory room and Japanese room.
4400 JPY/person per night.  
3740 JPY/from 6 years old to junior high school student per night

Free/ Young children under 6 years old.

Climber 3900 JPY/person per night

Room Room type
Japanese type room

Japanese tatami rooms are basically available from 2 people.
We will prepare it by one room when used by the family and the couple,friends. Please inform me when you reserve it!

Bunk bed room

Bunk bed room
Bunk bed and tatami room

Common room

Reception desk
Bath room


1980 JPY
2310 JPY

※Sashimi plate for 3 people
770 JPY

Check in
Bath time 16:00-22:00 
Dinner 18:30 
Lights out 22:00 
Breakfast 7:30 
Check out -10:00
※No curfew


There are 4 ports in the island and come from 6 cities (Kobe, Himeji, Okayama, Takamatsu). The nearest one is Takamatsu – Kusakabe port. From the port, take a bus for Tonosho port for 3 minutes, and get off at Olive YH-mae.

To Shodoshima olive youth hostel

From Tonosyo port—-20minus by bus
From Ikeda port——-15mins by bus
From Fukuda port—–30mins by bus
From Sakate port—–20mins by bus
Bus stop name is [Youth hostel mae]
Please ask bus driver or person in surroundings.
Many of them know our hotel place.

To Shodoshima

Takamatu port(Kagawa-Ken) ferry go to Tonosho&Ikeda port.
Kobe port(Hyogo-Ken) ferry go to Sakate port.
HImeji port(Hyogo-Ken) ferry go to Fukuda port.
Shin-Okayama port(Okayama-ken) ferry go to Tonosho port.
Uno port(OKayama-ken) ferry go to Tonosho port.